Only The Quality Shines Through!

Roll-Down Shades

Transform a room with one or more windows and harsh sunlight into a tranquil heaven of comfort and productivity with tinted roll-down shades.  They enhance the view of the world while filtering out the sun's damaging rays.

Sunset Glass Tinting is a distributor of premiere shades which offer glare reduction, aesthetic appeal, UV protection and privacy for your home or office. Unlike window film, these shades can be rolled up and pulled down, giving you control over the amount of light entering the room at any time.


*  Colors: Gray, Bronze, Green, Blue and Black-Out  
*  Full Manufacturer's Warranty 
*  Air conditioning and heating units work easier
*  Window efficiency improved by 75% by reflecting Sun's Solar Heat
*  Sleek valance/cassette design blends with window frames, protecting shades from dust and damage
*  Virtually maintenance free
*  One-touch remote control (optional) makes opening and closing effortless
*  Sleek product design blends with window frames
*  Eliminates glare, reflects heat, reduces fading, saves energy, protects your health and maintains privacy

We also now have "Skylight Dome Shades"!