Only The Quality Shines Through!


In residential tinting, most companies use basically the same methods, so why can the results differ so greatly?

Sunset Glass Tinting has been in business since1989 and we have developed our techniques for the cleanest applications possible.

Llumar, a virtually invisible window film, rejects up to 79 percent of solar energy -- and helps keep the heat inside when it's cooler, and outside when the South Florida sun is beating down. It helps reduce your energy use. Say goodbye to squinting and eye discomfort, since Llumar reduces sun glare that can hinder computer work and TV watching.

Furnishings that Last!

What's more, Llumar film helps keep your home furnishings looking good longer, by blocking a full 99 percent of the damaging UV rays that can fade and deteriorate everything from draperies and wood furniture to carpeting and upholstery.